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So you designed a board/card/dice/euro/ameritrash/designer game, now what? Get that prototype together and come playtest it at Spielbany. Spielbany is a gathering of game designers from the northeast for playtesting, discussion, and camaraderie. Spielbany has been meeting quarterly since 2004, and is typically held in the Albany, NY area. This location makes us central and easy to access from New York City, Boston, Tuscon, Montevideo, Rochester, Montreal and other points in the northeast. As a part of the informal "Protospiel Network." Think of us as Protospiel Northeast, or Protospiel NY, or proto-spielbany or even Albany "Unpub". Watch here for dates and contact us when you are ready to join us.

The Spielbany board game playtesting event happens four times a year, typically once per season. Our Winter event is a two day event held on Saturday/Sunday of Martin Luther King weekend. Our other seasonal events are one day events, scheduled ad-hoc to accomodate as many designers as possible.

Spielbany had its nucleus in a group of designers who connected via the Board Game Designer's Forum (bgdf.com) and we're still grateful for the role that BGDF has played in enabling hobbyist, amateur, aspiring and accomplished designers to connect, collaborate and cavort.

What games have been tested at Spielbany? Lots. You can view an abbreviated list of games tested at BoardGameGeek.com. That list consists of any game which has been tested at a Spielbany event and has a BoardGameGeek page.

If you want to connect with Spielbany you can do so in various ways:

Hope to see you at an event soon!

Tom, Jeff & Mike //Founders

ps. If you aren't local to the Northeast, have no fear, there has been a recent (2012/2013) explosion of similar events. Go visit The Game Designer's Hub for an increasingly comprehensive list.

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