Winter 2013 Previews

Registrations are rolling in and along with them are previews of games our designers will be bringing.
Keep tabs on them here and let us know what you're most excited about.

Added to the list January 17:"RADIX" by John Velonis, "TALENTS" by Jeff Warrender, "LOST ADVENTURES" by Jeff Warrender & Steve Sisk, "SECTOR 140" by Matthew Kiehl, "ROCK, SCISSORS, PAPER... WAR!" by Quentin Hudspeth, "IN RUINS" by Andy Van Zandt, "GRIM CITY" by Andy Van Zandt, "BROKER" by Andy Van Zandt, "SIX OLD MEN THAT RULE THE WORLD" by Rich Durham, "DINNER WITH SIR EDWARD LINDSEY" by Rich Durham, "SPECULATION" by Adam Blinkinsop, "SAFEHOUSE" by Tom Kiehl, "SHRUBS" by Tom Kiehl

Listed January 14: "GOBLINS:ALTERNATE REALITIES" from Evertide Games and "MONSTER ZOO" by P.D. Magnus
Listed January 11: "NORTHWEST PASSAGE" by John Velonis and "RESTAURANT GAME" by Jeff Warrender
Listed January 10: "TIME LIBRARY" by Cristyn Magnus and "DEPARTMENT OF IRRADIATION" by Andy Cole
Listed on January 9: "PHALANX" by David Schwenker and "THE ABBEY" by Matthew Kiehl

Preview #1, Added Jan 9, 2013:
"PHALANX" by David Schwenker
A tactical trick-taking card game for 3 to 4 players.

Estimated Game Length: 45 Minutes

It is the sixth century BC. Tensions are high amongst the city-states of ancient Greece. War is eminent. You are a military leader and it is your duty to assemble a “phalanx” – a mass military formation composed entirely of heavy infantry. To recruit only the strongest and most able-bodies soldiers, you attend skirmishes and send forth your best possible candidates to fight others in the land. The winner of the skirmish selects who joins their phalanx. However, be aware that your candidate may betray your city-state to join another, but by the same token you can lure your opponent as well. Also, there is a penalty for taking on too many as your city-state can only afford so many soldiers. The military leader with the strongest phalanx wins!

Preview #2, Added Jan 9, 2013:
"THE ABBEY" by Matthew Kiehl
A challenging cooperative strategy game for 4-6 players.

Estimated Game Length: 2 hours

The Abbey is a cooperative strategy game where players take on the roles of Monks and Nuns in a medieval Irish monastery under siege by Viking Northmen. Together you must convert the northerners or face a grizzly doom. This game is based off the movie "The Secret of Kells", and the historical book, "How the Irish Saved Civilization". This is intended to be a difficult cooperative game where tribulation builds to a point where your team collapses or victory is won.

Preview #3, Added Jan 10, 2013:
"TIME LIBRARY" by Cristyn Magnus
A Semi-cooperative Music/Maze game for 3-6 players

Estimated Game Length - 10 minutes

The world is doomed. You are probably all going to die. Fortunately, the portal to the temporal library has opened. You are part of the crack team that will be sent through the portal to find the records room, figure out what humanity will have done to avert disaster, then take the return portal to implement the plan.

Time library is a semi-cooperative, music making, maze exploration game. Players start out on the same team, but its possible only some of them will make it out of the library.

Players should feel free to bring instruments or objects they've got lying around that make cool sounds. I will bring a box of found objects for players who don't have their own.

Preview #4, Added Jan 10, 2013:
A safe card game that is safe for 2-6 humans to play

Estimated Game Length - 45-60 minutes

At a secret facility at an undisclosed location lurks the Department of Irradiation*, the top-secret government department responsible for irradiating whatever the government wants irradiated. And as employees of the Department of Irradiation, players will compete to irradiate the items that will give them the most recognition in the eyes of their shadowy superiors. In layman's terms, you get to zap stuff for points.

You'll collect a hand of cards representing different quantities and wavelengths of radiation, then cash in those cards to complete projects that will add to your score. In your race to collect points, you'll probably have to over-irradiate some projects, which is perfectly legal, but any extra radiation will get absorbed by your precious little self. At the end of the game, death--or at least a scoring penalty--awaits whichever of you glows the brightest, and the living player with the most points gets rewarded with the victory.

*I totally stole this concept from the webcomic "Skin Horse" by Jeffrey Channing Wells and Shaenon Garrity.

Preview #5, Added Jan 11, 2013:
A game of exploration for 3-4 players.

Estimated Game Length:2 hrs

Since the days of Cartier and Hudson, explorers had sought to find a sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific around North America, the fabled Northwest Passage. But by the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, the northern parts of America were still largely unknown. The British Admiralty, seeking to occupy its underemployed naval officers, embarked on a new program of exploration. Over the next fifty years, the quest to find the Northwest Passage became a matter of national pride. Parliament offered prizes for the first explorer to complete the passage or even to reach the halfway point, and dozens of expeditions braved the relentless cold and ice.

In this game, you take the role of an explorer seeking the glory of discovering the elusive Northwest Passage. Will you have enough supplies and morale to win through, or will your expedition vanish into the icy waste?

Preview #6, Added January 11, 2013:
"RESTAURANT GAME" by Jeff Warrender
A Frenetic Co-op for 4-8 players.

Estimated Game Length: 30 min

Real-time cooperative game about running a restaurant. Base version seats four players: Maitre D', Chef, Waiter, and Bus Boy. Expanded version adds 4-5 more roles: Sous Chef, Assistant Waiter, Pastry Chef, WIne Sommelier, and Bread Chef. Frenetic and fun!

Preview #7, Added January 14, 2013:
A fantasy adventure card game for 2-5 players.

Estimated Game Length: 2hrs

Goblins: Alternate Realities is a fantasy adventure card game based upon the popular webcomic Goblins. In one of the many alternate realities of Goblins, friends have become enemies, the dead mourn the living and all the iconic characters of Goblins now find themselves allied in completely unpredictable ways. As the leader of an alternate adventuring party, you direct your fellow party members through a series of challenges in a race against rival parties to complete your character's quests. As each party advances from one challenge location to the next, the party has the opportunity to claim treasure, enlist allies and gain levels. But, they may also cross paths with members of other parties, leading to the potential for some very explosive battles. Goblins: Alternate Realities is a questing card fest for 2 to 5 players in the universe of Goblins.

Preview #8, Added January 14, 2013:
MONSTER ZOO by P.D. Magnus
A dice-rolling, monster-hunting game for 3-4 players

Estimated Game Length: 45 min

The world is full of dark and menacing things that need to be contained: from aliens to vampires, dragons to zombie bears, chupacabras to were-goats. Your plan is to capture them and, later, to sell tickets.

Roll dice to hunt monsters.

Preview #9, Added January 17, 2013:
RADIX by John Velonis
A word game for 3-6 players.

Estimated Game Length:30-60 min

How is a crayfish like a monogram? What does stucco have in common with tweezers? Find out in this card game of word connections.

Preview #10, Added January 17,2013:
TALENTS by Jeff Warrender
Auction game for 3-5 players

Estimated Game Length: 45 minutes

Dutch auctions in 1st century Palestine.

Preview #11, Added January 17, 2013:
LOST ADVENTURES by Jeff Warrender & Steve Sisk
A deduction game for 3-4 players

Estimated Game Length: 90-120 min

Indiana Jones-esque relic hunt.

Preview #12, Added January 17, 2013:
SECTOR 140 by Matthew Kiehl
Exploration/Pick up and deliver for 4 players.

Estimated Game Length: 120 min

A game where players face off in a race to collect life forms and resources from space. This Sci-Fi game is played with triangular tiles that are placed on each player’s turn, and small ships that are maneuvered through space. Often this is a game of “TAKE THAT!” where players try to block and slow down other players from winning.

Preview #13, Added January 17, 2013:
ROCK, SCISSORS, PAPER... WAR! by Quentin Hudspeth
A card game for 3-6 players.

Estimated Game length:20-30min

You'll have to come and see if this turns out to be just what it sounds like.

Preview #14, Added January 17, 2013:
IN RUINS by Andy Van Zandt
for 2-4 players

Estimated Game Length: 90-120 minutes

Post-apocalyptic drafting game.

Preview #15, Added January 17, 2013:
GRIM CITY by Andy Van Zandt
Co-op for 3-6 players

Estimated Game Length: 45-75min

Co-op game with a growing traitor element.

Preview #16, Added January 17, 2013:
BROKER by Andy Van Zandt
for 2-5 players

Estimated Game Length: 90min

A sort of trading game that works well even with just 2 players.

Preview #17, Added January 17, 2013:
Negotiation and policy making for 3-6 players

Estimated Game Length: 45-60.

Behind large or loose organizations are the old men that shape global policy. They may have differing opinions but must work together to pass judgement and create events. This game represents these old men negotiating with each other over a changing global landscape. Players will balance political influence, social support for issues, and world economies as they try to grow their own power.

This is obviously a negotiation heavy game, with randomness in the available directions to loin the world. Players will pass 10 global policies and then score who has the most influence.

Preview #18, Added January 17,2013:
Lightweight card game for 2-5 players

Estimated Game Length:20-40 min

Edward Lindsey: adventurer, big game hunter, and hit with the ladies. As fellow adventurers dining with Sir Lindsey with you will recall and tell some of his most memorable stories. The drinks might make your memory a bit fuzzy, but as long as you're the first to remember three complete stories you'll win! Whether that gets you another round of drinks, well, that depends on your friends.

In this light card game, you'll assemble the elements of a tale of adventure and tell it to the others. But as time goes by, your memory will get hazier and by the time you have three stories played, well, let's hope you can remember them.

Preview #19, Added January 17, 2013:
SPECULATION by Adam Blinkinsop
A speculation/auction game for 3-5 players

Estimated Game Length: 1 hr

A commodity speculation and auction game using the Decktet, based on rules by Adam Blinkinsop. The version to be tested this time uses both a different economy and a different auction mechanism. In totally unscientific fashion, everything is a little bit different than the version that everybody enjoyed at Spielbany last Fall.

Preview #20, Added January 17, 2013:
SAFEHOUSE by Tom Kiehl
A semi-coop game for 3-7 players

Estimated Game Length: 1 hour

In this semi-cooperative game the players take on
the roles of a group of thieves looking to knock off bigger and
bigger targets. Can you contribute to each progressive heist?
Will the cops nail you or find your group's safe house? Will your
buddies bail you out or rat you out? Will you dare to swipe stuff
from the safe house? Will your "friends" try to tap into your
private stash? Are there too many options in this game for it to
be any fun?

Preview #21, Added January 17, 2013:
SHRUBS by Tom Kiehl
Family "trees" and inheritance for 2-5 players

Estimated Game Length: 30min

Light card game where you build/discover a family
tree and try to get a slice of the family estate as family
members die off.

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