Winter 2015 preview -- lighter fare

Let it Glow (Andy C)
You work for a lab whose job is to irradiate stuff, because, duh, radiation. You collect cards, you cash them in to complete a project, and you get points and sometimes other bonuses. But beware! You absorb any excess radiation yourself, and at the end of the game whoever's glowing the most croaks, leaving the victory to somebody else.

Dirty Little Secrets (Rich D)
Players take on the roles of detectives with secrets to hide. As detectives, you work with your partner to use deduction and misdirection to uncover your opponents' cards while keeping your own hidden. This is made difficult since every action you take to uncover your opponents gives them more information to use against you.

Bad Medicine (Gil H)
In Bad Medicine, you and your opponents are huge pharmaceutical companies. Your goal is to create names and advertisements for new drugs to cure the current Malady, while downplaying any side effects the folks at the lab may have discovered. This is a party game where players are dealt cards with a little bit of a drug name, a little bit of a description, and a side effect. Players choose three cards for a name and two for a description. They then pitch their drugs to the other players, and play their remaining cards as side effects on each other. Then they vote for their favorite drugs. The side effect of the best drug will be the malady to cure next round!

Water to Water (Matt K)
Water to Water is a tile laying and matching game where each player has a different winning condition or goal.

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